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Updated July 18, 2010

Welcome to my website. I am PJ Sweeney, a glass artist in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. My passion is glass, specifically warm glass, which is heated to a temperature of about 1600F. (Unless I am working on my ever expanding hockey puck collection.) I enjoy combining different types of glass, using different shapes, firing times and temperatures. I am particularly interested in dichroic glass. This glass is manufactured by depositing microscopically thin layers of metal oxides on extremely clean glass and processing it in a vacuum chamber. The reduction in the vacuum chamber causes light to change colors as it is reflected and/or transmitted.

I have changed direction in recent times. I have an eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa Albescense, which curtails some activity and enhances others. I am no longer actively creating jewelry, but I am keeping my glass contacts active by selling what I think are interesting selections in smaller (2 " x 4 " and 4" x 4" pieces) on ebay. My seller name is "Peejer2". Email me if you can't find my stuff. I also carry (spradically) quarter sheets of mostly 90 COE dichroic glass in quarter sheets. Email me if you want more information on availability and prices. I am starting to list some "over the top" sequin-embellished felt Christmas Stockings and Tree Skirts -- so far. I am always working on new things. Another artist, Myra Nicholas, and I partner on several types of products which can be found at Confabulations., and NotJustPartz. All my work is proudly made in the USA.

My Because my work is limited production and/or one of a kind, I do not usually sell retail from this site, but I am not doing shows anymore, so I will be listing my jewelry pieces at drastically reduced prices .

New Direction!
Although I do not have a storefront, I like to find unusual patterns and types of dichroic glass to sell on Ebay. My ebay selling name is Peejer2 and click here for a link to my most current listings there.
By the way, if you are an information junkie, I have prepared a white paper explaining the process, giving color references, etc. Just click here. There is a caution, however. It is a LOT of information but I'm happy to share. You can't say I didn't warn you! It is a lot of information! I really mean it!

Click here for interesting links: of other artists, good places for supplies, and other just fun and interesting sites.

OK, I need closer supervision: I have added a "yardsale" page. Every now and then I get stuff that didn't work for me, or I bought too much, or whatever. This will be stuff you'll see when I do bead shows. Truly an assortment of very odds and ends. Click here. I also have a special "partz" page featuring spool kits, among other things. Click here. I'll also list patterned dichroic glass and decals for my fellow warm glass fans.

Sign my guest book if you would like additional information, or just to say "hi!"

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